The Intercorstal 2 Extended

First, there was ‘The Intercorstal‘, and ongoing but very loose series of abstract/surreal comic pages.

Then there was ‘The Intercorstal 2‘, a 2-year project in which I created a cohesive body of work, occasionally by redrawing exiting pages in abstract. I selected 28 pages from that project to make a self-printed comic that’s available from my online store.

Now, there’s ‘The Intercorstal 2 Extended’, which takes the 28 selected pages from The Intercorstal 2 and… extends them. There won’t be any new pages, but each page will be twice as big. On the one hand, this project is a way of re-learning the lessons that ‘The Intercorstal 2’ taught me, and getting me to slow down when I draw and become more analytic (recent projects have relied on fast hands and instinct). On the other hand… I don’t know why I’m doing this, or what purpose the finished, printed project will serve.

More news as this develops.