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The Exploding Mess – Free Download

CMYK_TDTR5_000_Front Covers_front.jpg

Too Dry To Rot Phase 4 came out in December, and here’s one of the outputs from Too Dry To Rot Phase 5 (there may be more to come in the next few months, we’ll see).

The art was made by redrawing over Phase 4, but my daughter got involved and was more interested in throwing crazy amounts of colour and slabs of white paint in than doing what I’d normally do (and my nephew got involved for a few pages too), and the result was a gloriously bright set of pages. I asked her to write a story to go with the pages but getting 24 pages worth of comic script out of a person as young as her was a big ask, so instead I had a conversation with her about the short story she came up with, and we were constantly interrupted by my son — that conversation is the ‘script’ of The Exploding Mess. I think it works OK?

Here’s a link to the PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lHY-cN1ZzsznW5ceu6n0bbIK6cGvrpxX/viewand

Too Dry To Rot, Before I Fix It (Free Download)


I’ve put together a new comic using old Intercorstal pages I found while moving — some of them haven’t been collected for print before, so I thought it’d be interesting to do something with them.


I’ve changed a lot since I made those pages and my taste has changed. So whilst Too Dry To Rot is OK, I’m going to massively rework it. That’ll take a couple of weeks at least, but until it’s ready, I’m sharing the original. Feel free to download a copy and do whatever you want with it: