Neighbours Bring Food (6)

NBF Layout 1 72dpi NBF Layout 2 72dpi NBF Layout 3 72dpi

‘Neighbours Bring Food’ was completed for the Windows Trail as part of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2015. Here’s the information provided to run alongside the presented work:

“A lot of my most recent work on my comic, The Intercorstal, has involved making abstract versions of comics that I love, or at least am very familiar with. Doing so brings me closer to those pages, lets me wallow in my own geeky obsessions. In turn I get to know myself a little better, as well as get closer to the comics and the creators I admire. And in a wider sense, I get to explore the language of comics.
Which led me to ask: “Could I do a similar job with something I wasn’t at all familiar with, but nearly everyone else was?” After discussing it with Malcolm (the owner of Iridium), we settled on To Kill A Mockingbird, one of his favourite books. To give myself something to work with, I took screen grabs from 24 random locations in the film adaptation, and then randomised the order that they were presented on the page. From these I created abstract versions, intended to read as a semi-nonsensical storyboard. I’ve retained the subtitles where they were present, albeit it in my own terrible handwriting, and done with a brush.
In presenting this, I’m hoping that people very familiar with To Kill A Mockingbird will be able to see it from a new perspective, and question their understanding of it and it’s themes, whilst I myself remain almost wholly ignorant of them.”

NBF Layout 4 72dpi NBF Layout 5 72dpi NBF Layout 6 72dpi