Monthly Archives: August 2018

Too Dry To Rot, now formatted for screens (Still a free download)


After uploading ‘Too Dry To Rot’ last night I realised the PDF had been formatted for print, and not screens. I’ve uploaded a one-page-per-sheet version here, which will work better for you if you just want to read it and not print it out first:

Too Dry To Rot, Before I Fix It (Free Download)


I’ve put together a new comic using old Intercorstal pages I found while moving — some of them haven’t been collected for print before, so I thought it’d be interesting to do something with them.


I’ve changed a lot since I made those pages and my taste has changed. So whilst Too Dry To Rot is OK, I’m going to massively rework it. That’ll take a couple of weeks at least, but until it’s ready, I’m sharing the original. Feel free to download a copy and do whatever you want with it: