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Solid Sea, Sky Glass – Free PDF

Well then.

SSSG Wraparound cover

This one’s taken a bit longer than the others did, but it’s ready now. Like all of the other Forestry Commission outputs, it’s 16 pages long. This one’s a step up from Wolf’s Blood in that it’s now got a new colour (blue). It’s not got any new text, but that’s because the text that I added to Wolf’s Blood was so difficult to get rid of.

This marks the countdown to the Free PDF’s no longer being free, too. After a month, Forestry Commission will be closed — all the links on that page will be turned off. In the meantime, as well as a bunch of other stuff, I’ll be working on getting the pages ready for print, adding text where I feel it’ll help, and then hopefully running a Kickstarter campaign to print a collected edition called ‘The Forest’.

In the meantime, I’m doing a very, very limited run of The Complete Forestry Commission which will be printouts of all of six PDFs, including Found Forest which isn’t currently available anywhere. They’ll be on sale at Robotcon in Sheffield on the 25th March and it there’s any left over I’ll put them up in my Big Cartel shop.

For the time being, though, here it is: Solid Sky, Sea Glass