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Recorstal: updates!

For ThoughtBubble 2016, I created a one-sheet mini-comic which used my ‘intercorstal’ process on pages I’d already ‘interocorstalled’, and made it available digitally, with all the digital assets I’d produced on this blog post, with the invitation for people to go away and do whatever they wanted with the files. Here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve had back so far!

(in no particular order)

Douglas Noble coloured the pages and added text from a section of ‘Solaris’ by Stanislav Lem and made it available as a downloadable PDF, which you can get my clicking on this link: LINK


Henry Miller took an unexpected yet genius turn and combined the linework with photos of John Craven. You can see the original tweet HERE but I’ve added the images here too (which I hope is OK, Henry?)

Mark Andrew Nordstrom (aka Emporium Purgatorio) messed about with it a lot, playing with it in 3D and made some very lovely images:

Eric Seaholm created these pages using Found Forest Floor pages, but so close to the Recorstal thing happening that it counts. Plus, they’re amazing, and I have to share them.

And finally (I think… I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone) I got this mysterious recorstal in the post, in which a story is told about a lurking monster watching me while I read a book in bed… No name was included, although it turned out to be from those scamps Chris Welsh and Tom Ward, who were apparently planning on turning it into a creepy stalker joke which I totally ruined by pretending to be creeped out by.


That’s it, I think. If I have forgotten anybody then please, please let me know.


‘A Salted Wound’ – January’s second free PDF!

A Salted Wound_0000_01.jpg

Where Rabbit On The Stairs and it’s predecessors were very dense, I knew that whatever came next would have to reset the page somewhat, and give me some space to work in. Say hello, then, to ‘A Salted Wound’, a very decompressed comic.

As usual, the PDF’s free to download by clicking here: A Salted Wound

Oh, and this time it’s in COLOUR. Well, sort of. There’s some blue in it, which other than the cover was very unintentional — a product of how the scanner read some of the original black lines through the white paint I’d covered them up with.