tldr: Download everything you need to print and/or make your own Recorstal comics

For ThoughtBubble 2016, which at the time of writing was just last weekend, I decided to ‘re-abstract’ an 8-page sequence from The Intercorstal: 683 to print as a minicomic. Actually drawing it was fine, printing it became a bit of a chore and I ended up with the same comic in a few formats.

I printed 40 of them up as booklets and gave them out to anyone who stopped long enough at my table to show an interest.

Now I send it out into the world. Here’s a link to a ZIP file of all the Recorstal stuff: the original scan, my levelled copy, each individual page and a .pub file which when printed double-sided will give you two fresh copies of the comic.

I’m also eager for people to take this and do whatever they want with it. Colour it in, muck about with the order, draw over the top, whatever. My only caveat is that you tell/show me what you’ve done through the usual channels.

Download it here

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