The Intercorstal: 683 Review Party

Here’s some links to where you can read, and hear, some of the excellent things said about The Intercorstal: 683. I am genuinely humbled by how nice everyone’s been about it so far.

Awesome Comics Podcast: The Intercorstal 683 was reviewed on Episode 46 (you should listen to the whole thing, but 683 is talked about specifically from about 132mins in) In addition to this, I was a guest on the show, talking about The Intercorstal and my involvement with London Super Comicon on Episode 49!

Silence! Podcast: Gary Lactus and thebeastmustdie recommend the Kickstarter of 683 on Silence! 191!

The Quietus: Jenny Robins says that 683 “is a brilliantly pure expression of what post-modern creatives are capable of”

The Reading List: Stuart McCune says that 683 “is one of the best comics I’ve seen in years”

WeBeGeeks: Umar Ditta says “It strips the conventional comic book and creates something very personal; as you are free to interpret the story as you will and that shouldn’t work but it really does.”

Magen Cubed: In a very insightful article, Magen says 683 is “one of the most engaging reading experiences I’ve had in a while”

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