The Intercorstal 2: etcetera

Later this year, just as soon as the pages are finished, I’ll be Kickstarting ‘683’. In the meantime, I’ve decided to do something with the pages from The Intercorstal 2 which I’d set aside. I’ve selected 28 of my favourite pages and wrapped them up in little collections with the overarching title of ‘etcetera’.*

It’s the same 28 pages in each one, but the order of the pages as they go into each collection is shuffled slightly, so it’s unlikely that any two copies will have the same running order. Each one has a one-off cover, created with watercolour paint. And each one has its own individual title. They’re available to buy from my Big Cartel store.

There are two sizes: A4 and A5. The A5 ones are more compact, with the artwork filling the page, and read more like a comic. The A4 ones are pretty much the original scans but with the levels sorted out, and on the pages where the artwork is based on a page from someone else’s comic, there’s a note to say what the comic was, who the artist was, and who the writer was (I’ve not yet been able to work out a way to fit that info into the A5 ones).

Here’s some photos of the first four I’ve done.

I’ll be doing more in the next few weeks – keep an eye out as they get added/removed from sale. Any questions, feel free to comment here, or contact me on Twitter, or via email.

*’Etcetera’ is one of my favourite words, and I use it a lot. My other favourite words include, but are not limited to, ‘cuttlefish’, ‘massive’ and ‘antihistamine’.

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